SFSU Personal Information Access

This form is used to access personal information. To gain access to your information you will need to supply your PAC and SFSU ID number.

The following online services are available:

SFSU Employee Leave Accounting

Social Security Number Example: 123456789 (no hyphens or spaces)
Personal Access Code (PAC) Example: 1234

Sample report

SFSU Employee Retirement Benefits

The database that produces the SFSU Retirement Estimate is being updated. While this is being done, you may:

REQUEST an estimate directly from PERS. The PERS Telephone Information Center number is 1-916-326-3232. This is a 24 Hour Message Line. The form to request an estimate from PERS is available by calling x. 1262. CalPERS takes approximately 4 weeks to process estimates.

- - or - -

Download the CalPERS Estimate Calculation program to the hard drive of your computer from the CalPERS website.

If you use the CalPERS Retirement Estimate Calculation Program you will need the following information:

NOTE: You will not be able to print the estimate on our system. Please DO NOT call Human Resources or Computing Services regarding printing the CalPERS estimate.

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