Several sources for funding the anticipated additional costs are identified below. We expect that combinations of these sources will be considered in developing a strategy for overall funding:

A. Existing And/Or New University Funds

The primary argument in favor of using University funds is that the computing infrastructure directly serves the Universityís academic mission and therefore is most appropriately supported by general University resources. It is argued that this expense should carry a high priority for existing and new funds given the benefits cited in section IV above. Arguments against this strategy focus on the limited new resources expected over the next several years and the growing number of initiatives competing for those limited resources.

B. A Special Technology Fee

Other campuses we surveyed range from charging no fee (UCLA) to charging $100 per semester (Michigan). Arguments in favor of such a fee focus on the size of the estimated additional ongoing cost and the need to conserve existing and projected University funding. Additionally, it is argued that a fee of even $100 per student per year would be a relatively small investment in competitive job skills.

Arguments against charging a special fee focus on the particularly heavy burden such a fee would place on students who are least able to afford it. Additionally, it is argued that students should be able to expect access to an infrastructure of facilities, equipment, and services provided from general University resources, especially since students would not receive anything tangible (such as personal equipment) in exchange for the fee.

C. External (e.g., Corporate) Funding

Given the concentration of technology oriented industries in the Bay Area, it is likely that we can secure external support for needed improvements in our technological infrastructure. We agree that the University should pursue as much of such support as possible. It is not likely, however, that we can depend on such support as a long term solution to funding needs. It is more appropriate for covering one-time costs.

D. Special Funding From Chancellorís Office Initiatives

As program initiatives from the Chancellorís Office make special funding available to support campus efforts to improve the technological infrastructure, we agree that the University should focus on securing such funding. It is not likely, however, that we can depend on significant help from such funding sources on a long term basis.

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