According to current projections from the SFSU Office of University and Budget Planning, by the year 2000 SFSU’s FTES will increase to approximately 22,000 and the number of students will be approximately 29,000. Based on these projections and others cited above, we have predicted the increased need for workstations and modems (see Appendix D for details of the calculations) as well as other related needs.

As general categories, we foresee the need for increased investment in the following areas:

A. Facilities

B. Equipment C. Central Support Staff D. College-Housed Support Staff (some combination of the following human resources:) E. Programs Depending on the approach the University takes to providing the recommended 24-hour facility (i.e., constructing a new one versus upgrading an existing facility), the estimated total of one-time costs ranges from $670,000 to $1,395,000. In addition, estimated ongoing annual costs total $2,719,000. Details of the cost estimates appear in Appendix E.

Note that some of the projected costs may overlap with budget plans or projections for various units. Consequently, the estimated totals may not be accurate representations of resources needed in addition to those already available or planned for.

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