We anticipate numerous benefits resulting from the campus providing universal access to computing resources by the year 2000. Among the most noteworthy are the following:

A. The University will have the infrastructure to provide a smooth transition for students who come to us from technologically advanced high school and community college settings, as well as to "level the playing field" for students who come from less advanced environments.

B. The projected level of access to a broad range of academic and administrative information will maximize the efficiency and "user friendliness" of the campus.

C. The infrastructure will enable members of the campus community to easily communicate and coordinate efforts with programs and colleagues both nationally and internationally.

D. Our graduates will have the skills and experience to compete favorably for top positions in the job market.

E. We will realize significant savings in time, money, and wear on the campus (parking, foot traffic, building use, etc.) from our ability to deliver technology mediated instruction remotely.

F. The sophistication of the infrastructure will in itself attract grants and other external resources, thus providing a significant return on our investment.

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