In June of 1995, CSU Chancellor Barry Munitz directed each of the CSU campuses to provide students with 24-hour access to computers and the Internet by the fall of the year 2000. Additionally, each campus was directed to develop and submit a plan by January 1, 1997 as to how the campus will provide such access. The Chancellor’s memorandum to Presidents, with enclosed guidelines and CSU implementation plan, is contained in Appendix A.

In September of 1995, President Corrigan established the SFSU Presidential Task Force on Student Access to Computing Resources, directing that its membership be broad based and representative. He appointed Gail Whitaker, Associate Vice President for Academic Program Development, as Chair and John True, Executive Director of Computing Services, as Vice Chair of the task force.

President Corrigan’s charge to the task force was "to study the issues and develop a recommended plan for San Francisco State University." The President instructed the task force to "consult with all appropriate members of the University community and deliver the recommendation to me on or before the due date." President Corrigan’s charge to the task force is contained in Appendix B.

The task force membership was established (see Appendix C) and the group began meeting in October, 1995. After extensive research, consultation, and deliberation, the task force offers the following projections and recommendations:

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