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Manual Assessment Procedures for Web Reviews

  1. Choose five pages from your website which represent different web elements that might pose accessibility problems. For example, you can choose a page with a form, a page with a table, a page with images and so on. Make sure that the pages you choose are represented in the automated assessment report.
  2. Perform a manual assessment on each of these five pages by using the "Manual assessment procedure for web reviews".
    Note: It is not sufficient to only use the results of an automated report such as CynthiaSays. An actual human being is needed to assess the accessibility of a website (computers are still not smart enough!).
  3. You should fill in your results on the "Assessment Summary" document and email the document to access@sfsu.edu. Note that you need to complete an assessment summary for each page you assess.
  4. The ACCESS Support Team will review your results and help you with any problems you are having with the assessment. In addition, we might perform user testing with a screenreader or voice recognition software depending on the content of your website. Our turnaround time is usually 5 business days following the submission of your assessment summary.

If you are not already using the SF State Web Template, we highly recommend using the template since it was developed with web accessibility concepts in mind. Additional information on the SF State Web Template is available at www.sfsu.edu/~news/webtemplate.

Please choose the appropriate Manual Assesment Procedure.

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