SF State - Accessible Technology Initiative (ATI)

Image: Photos of the SF State campus and students using a headset, a braille keyboard and a blind cane

Creating Websites

If you are creating a new website, make sure that you comply with the SF State Web Accessibility Standards. We recommend using the SF State Web Template for your new website. The SF State Web Template has been developed with accessibility in mind. It guarantees, if used correctly, that the basic features of a website such as navigation, search functions and layout structure are accessible to people with disabilities.

More information about the SF State Web Template.

If you need help on using the template, please contact the webteam@sfsu.edu.

Note that our resources are concentrated such that we cannot help you with creating a website from scratch. However, if you check out the resources section you can find useful resources for creating accessible websites.

Outside contractor:

In Spring 2009, SF State websites created or hosted by outside contractors were assessed for accessibility and found they largely failed. Even though the contractors were instructed to make the websites accessible, the web sites did not comply with SF State’s Web Accessibility Standards.
We hope to avoid this type of disappointment – a situation where you have put so much effort into building a website only to learn that the website is not compliant and must be retrofitted. If you employ an outside contractor, make sure that they are informed about SF State’s Web Accessibility Standards and write this into the contract.  Also clarify, who is doing the manual assessment.

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