SF State - Accessible Technology Initiative (ATI)

Image: Photos of the SF State campus and students using a headset, a braille keyboard and a blind cane

Formal Competitive Procurements

E&IT procurements subject to formal competition requirements will require the Campus Requestor to conduct market research with regard to the commercial availability of accessible products. This information will be used to develop formal solicitation documents, which will include requirements for bidders to submit Section 508 compliance documentation.

The Campus Requestor and Disability Access Compliance Analyst (DACA) with assistance from the E&IT Technical Advisor and the Purchasing Office will determine the information that firms will be required to submit to document the degree of compliance with Section 508 requirements and the criteria and its relative weighting that will be used to evaluate the documents submitted. Section 508 standards constitute an additional set of requirements to be evaluated and will be considered among all other procurement requirements in reaching an award decision. All other requirements are still relevant and evaluated as well. The contract award will be made to the vendor proposing the commercial product that provides the greatest degree of compliance while satisfying other legal, policy and functional requirements.

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